Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the process of starting an order with Pub Creek?

Starting an order at Pub Creek is as easy as sending an email or making a phone call. Our friendly knowledgeable staff is always ready to help. Visit our Contact page to get started!

Q: How do I upload a file?

Our general guidelines for sending files can be found on our File Specifications page. For more detailed information concerning your specific job, please contact us directly and our staff will help direct you.

Q: What types of labels do you offer for the Craft Beverage Industry?

We offer both cut & stack labels and pressure sensitive roll & sheet labels. Check out our Labels page to learn more.

Q: What types of carriers do you offer?

We offer both 4 and 6-pack bottle carriers and 6 and 12-pack can carriers. Check out our Packaging page for more info

Q: How can Pub Creek help me build my brand?

We offer a variety of promotional products that can help you build brand awareness and customer loyalty. Please visit our Promotional Products page to learn more.

Q: Does Pub Creek work with small to mid-sized craft beverage companies?

Yes it does. Whether your beverage business is a local start-up or a branch of a multi-location concern, we can serve your needs.

Q: What types of services does Pub Creek offer?

Pub Creek offers coasters, labels, printing & mailing services, packaging, and promotional products to the craft beverage industry. Our parent company, BP Solutions Group, is a full-service commercial printing and packaging firm.

Q: What types of markets does Pub Creek serve?

Pub Creek serves the craft beverage industry. We produce coasters, labels, printing & mailing services, packaging, and promotional products for the wine, beer, spirits, and cider segments of the market.

Q: What printing methods does Pub Creek use?

Pub Creek's parent company, BP Solutions Group, utilizes its 90+ years in the print industry to match the right technology to its customers' needs. Offering both digital and offset printing options, along with a variety of finishing and packaging technologies, the commitment has always been to provide high quality solutions for customers.

Q: What is Pub Creek's commitment to the environment?

Pub Creek is committed to Environmental Stewardship in all our printing processes and are pleased to be part of a worldwide effort to sustain and protect the environment, especially our planet's valuable forests. Our parent company, BP Solutions Group, is chain-of-custody certified with the Forest Stewardship Council. This type of certification ensures that products made from trees pass from a certified, well-managed forest to a certified paper manufacturer, merchant, and printer.

Q: Where is Pub Creek located?

Pub Creek is located in Asheville, NC. Want to get in touch? Visit our Contact page to get started!